Past Members:

Hello my name is Patrick L. I am one of the founding member from 2009. This Team by far was the funniest thing I did in high school. I met a lot of people and made many friends through the seasons. Though building stuff, going to meetings and competition, I guarantee everybody had a blast. It is not only a fun time, but you learn so much being on this team. It lets you use cool tools and learn from smart mentors. Learning what I did from Robotics gave me more interest and knowledge in an engineering field. I graduated high school in 2011, and currently attend NDSU. In the summer I go back, working at manufacturing Company. I am proud of how far the team has gone since the first year. Being on the Robotics team in high school is not only fun you learn a lot, but you changes to get scholarship and jobs in industry. Because of the team, I was given a 2,000 dollar scholarship and an internship. Through the years I look back at the fun I had with my fellow teammates and mentors. Thank you everyone for making the Robotics team a blast!  

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