Jacob N: This is Jacob's fourth year on the team. He wants to get a lot done on the website and help out with the robot this year. His advice to the new members is: “Never stop improving”.
Adam J: Adam has been in QWERTY robotics for four years. He is going to work on the on the mechanical part of the robot. He is looking forward to being back with the team and working on the robot.


Christopher M: This is Christopher's second year on the team and he helped build `The Tower` last year. This year he plans on helping with the build team. He also wants to learn how to program.
Cason S: This is Cason's third year on the team and he would like to learn how to program.  He would also like to learn about working with peers to create something new. The team has provided a meaning of self advocation for Cason. Cason is looking forward to another good year on the team and going to the competition to see what the other teams have built.
Garrett B: This is Garrett's third year on the team. He was on the building team last year. This year he wants to program and build. Last year his favorite part was going to the world championships.
Dylan R: Dylan is 17 years old and is a senior member of the team. This is his 2nd year on the team. He helped build the robot last year and hopes to be a greater part in its construction this year. The competitions were his favorite part of last year and hopes to be a part of them again.
Jorgen L: Jorgen is starting is his second year on the team. The team is where he goes there to share ideas and meet friends. He enjoys construction and machining on the robot. He also does lots of other projects at home and loves to use power tools.
Zayne C: This will be Zayne's first year on the team. He hopes to learn how to program, and build. He is looking forward to traveling, building, and the competition.
Dawson G: Dawson is a Junior at Detroit Lakes High School and this is his first year in QWERTY Robotics. He is really excited to be participating, and he hopes that he will be a great contribution to his team. Dawson would like to thank his parents for making this possible, and for the rides back and forth! He would also like to thank the whole Robotics team for being so kind and welcoming. Dawson is ready to take on this year’s challenge, Stronghold!
Dylan F: Dylan has been on the team for one year already and he is starting his second year. He loves to learn about programming and some handy work with the robot. Dylan has been a great member on the team and he is here for the long run. QWERTY Robotics has effect Dylan’s life by helping him talk to new people plus make new friends and help him on the road to his career.
Angel W: This is Angel's second year on the team. She hopes she can do what shed did last year which is designing. She likes being on the team to meet new people, and learn new things. Last year she liked going to the Twin Cities to the competition, watch what other teams have came up with their robots. She hopes this year will go great just like last year.
Tomas K: This will be Thomas's first year on the team and he wants to help make the robot, he is looking forward to the tournaments we have coming up.
Wyette W: This is Wyette's third year on the team. He tries to do as much as he can on the team. He does Electrical, Build, and Safety and is starting pneumatics. QWERTY Robotics means a lot to him he even says, "QWERTY Robotics is one of the places I can go to have fun and hang out with friends." He looks forward to hanging out with the team, Expanding his knowledge, and expanding other team mates knowledge. Especially the first years. 

Alex S: Alex, also known as Aggie, is a third year member of the QWERTY Robotics Team. He has worked primarily on the programming team and electrical work in the past years, and looks forward to the new competition and new opportunities. The Qwerty Robotics Team is more than just an after school activity to him. The team represents how hard work pays off, and is an important part of his life.

Tayler S: Tayler looks forward to Having a fun, competitive, exciting FIRST year! She is looking to try out website design and working on keeping people updated on what everyone is doing!


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